Easy Onboarding

Feel at ease when you invite your team and influencers with fast, simple and secure onboarding.

Flexible Campaigns

Save more time by sending campaigns to one or several influencers simultaneously.
You'll always have the flexibility to customize information for each influencer whenever you want.

Stay in Control

Get peace of mind with you very own calendar that tells you what you need to do right now.

An in-depth management tool that will

make your influencer campaigns run smoothly.

Detailed File Sharing

Upload 30MB of media + 10MB of documents per campaign.

Detailed Task Execution

Create basic or advanced tasks for your influencers or team.

Super Efficient Teamwork

Each campaign has a separate chat window to help you keep communication concise.

Comprehensive Calendar Overview

Colour coded calendar status shows the latest progress of your tasks.

Flexible Campaign Management

Customise your campaign when you need to including updating the agreement or budget.

Smooth Influencer Collaboration

Assign your influencers their own managers so notifications are relevant to your team.

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